Girl Geeks Campus creates pathways that bridge the gaps between education to career.

Excited to see Accenture team up with Girl Geeks in another great way to tackle the STEM gender gap.
— Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture

Facilitated by Girl Geeks to nurture a sustainable national support environment for female students enrolled on STEM courses with career development, industry connections, knowledge and opportunities leading to career success.


Girl Geeks Campus is a further education based programme based initially based on campus, designed to increase female participation and success within computing, science, engineering, technology and wider STEM disciplines.

We educate students about the career opportunities available, leading employers looking to employ female talent, introduce inspiring role models, and illustrate career paths.


Girl Geeks Campus has the important goal of inspiring, promoting, attracting and retaining technical female talent across STEM disciplines.

Females are currently underrepresented in STEM industries and roles, from enrollment in courses to participation in the workforce. When females are actively encouraged to pursue careers in technology and STEM, more women will benefit from the industries’ unlimited opportunities.

As more females enter and excel in technical roles, more businesses and communities will benefit from this pool of skilled workers especially at a time when technical talent is in short supply.

STEM employers offer fantastic opportunities and rewarding careers to ambitious technically talented individuals. However to meet the skill requirements of the UK economy, a collective effort is required to attract 800,000 people interested in becoming scientists, engineers and technologists by 2020.

Current low levels of female participation within the industry reflects the experiences female students in particular sometimes struggle to see how they fit in and embark on a STEM career.

Girl Geeks Campus Programme:

Provides females with opportunities to develop employability skillsets, connections, role models, inspiration and aid in career development and leadership.

Showcase women within STEM industries by promoting their talents, creating opportunities for them to inspire the next generations of talent and providing exposure for female role models.

Through Girl Geeks Campus, a supportive talent community will be developed to connect industry and employer opportunities, like-minds, share passions and ideas and create a network of support to enable career development opportunities and personal growth.

Girl Geeks Campus Mission:

–To support STEM talent in every school, college and university.

–To address the STEM skills shortage, helping companies and educational institutions attract and retain talent.

–Build a national network of STEM industry role models and influencers visible to education, media and parents.