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Visualsoft offer internal progression routes for those wishing to progress within the business and the longevity and significant growth of the fast paced sector offers a high level of job security to their workforce.

The company has even won a place in the Hiscox Tech Track 100 and recently, ranked 5th in the Prolific North Top 50 digital agencies table in the North. Find out more about our award winning work here.

How is Visualsoft playing its part in addressing the STEM talent issue as a leading technical employer?

The stats for women in key roles within the UK tech industry may be a disappointing 14%, but at Visualsoft we want to eradicate gender imbalance in the tech workplace and attract more female employees.
Out of the 70 female staff employed by Visualsoft, 28.6% are in key management roles in a wide range of
tech fields including web designers, PHP developers, online marketing experts, eCommerce consultants,
R&D teams, public relations specialists, customer service advisors and project managers. By promoting a culture where employees are encouraged to maintain a positive work/life through unlimited paid holidays and flexible working hours, we want to create a clear path for career progression and personal development.

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Emily Scott - Developer at Visualsoft

Emily Scott - Developer at Visualsoft

Lana Hedley- Developer at Visualsoft (University Placement)

Lana Hedley- Developer at Visualsoft (University Placement)

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Delivering solutions and services that are innovative, effective, efficient, affordable and easy to use/understand. Provide social, economic and environmental value to our community. We aim to empower our team members by offering career progression, personal development opportunities and an array of benefits designed to help achieve the perfect work/life balance.

Benefits package at Visualsoft includes:

Unlimited paid holidays
Flexible working
Free breakfast and protein shakes
Free eye exams
Pension scheme
Exclusive staff discounts
Subsidised gym membership


Are there any insights the Visualsoft HR team can share?
* Tailor your CV for the position you are applying for.
* Learn as much about the company as possible.
* Think about an apprenticeship or work experience if there aren't suitable jobs advertised as a route to secure a role at the company.
* Show examples or portfolios of your past and current work.
* Ask a family member or friend to read over your job application before you submit it.
* Put yourself in the shoes of the person looking to employ you, see things from their side.
* Evenly balance your talking and listening.                                             * Fitting into a team/department is important so think about how to show your people skills.
* We look for the right person rather than the right qualifications so personality is just as important to us.
* Explain any career jumps or gaps that feature on your CV.
Be yourself and have fun!

Emily Scott:

How did you get into your career?
I always knew I wanted to go into something involving computers even at school. It wasn't until college when we started learning website development as part of a BTEC in software development that I realised that was what I wanted to pursue as a career. I went on to study Web Design and Development at Northumbria University.
What job roles have you had that lead to your career at Visualsoft?
I was really lucky that I managed to secure a job in a very small Newcastle based agency after leaving University. It was all WordPress development which I hadn't done much of in the past, but I learned quickly and it gave me confidence in my own ability and the skill set I needed to stand a chance against competition when applying to bigger agencies. I moved again onto another small company where I learned to program using an MVC framework (the same style of framework Visualsoft use). I actually applied to my role at Visualsoft after meeting some of the staff at a local networking event. The office environment and company ethos really appealed to me, by this point I felt like I knew my job well enough to become part of a big agency.
What advice would you give to a school leaver looking to pursue a career as a Developer?
The advice I would give to anyone wanting a career in Web Development is to never stop trying to learn new things when it comes to web languages, and don’t let the fact that the industry is very male dominated put you off. There are more girls going into development roles every day. If you can, try and get some experience in an agency, even part time as you can learn so much from other developers as well as gaining experience dealing with clients. If you're looking at the college and university route make sure you research your course fully so you know what to expect and what will be required of you it worked for me!

Lana Hedley:

Tell us about your degree & why you chose to work at Visualsoft:
I am currently working towards my BA Creative Digital Media degree, which involves working with a variety of web and multimedia technologies. I started this degree with a basic knowledge of I.T as it has always been a strong interest of mine. I grew up building computers from scratch and setting them up with my Dad, and I have kind of grown up with the web development sector. However at college and university, at least two modules in particular have really stood out for me; eCommerce and web development. This is what
pushed me into taking up a placement opportunity here at Visualsoft, as I am able to use a combination of both. I am able to put my knowledge of development towards a bustling and expanding commercial platform that is growing more and more popular.
What does your current role involve?
Here at Visualsoft, I am currently in a Client Project Developer role. This involves mostly using PHP and JavaScript to create bespoke features and solutions for existing websites. Being here has certainly helped my learning, as I have been able to develop and extend my skills and knowledge by working on live projects. It's always great to see my work when it's live and running on a client's website, and seeing the functionality being used everyday by prospective customers gives a great feeling. I am really enjoying my time here; the office environment is very active, the clients are friendly and the projects are fantastic to work on.
What advice would you give to a school leaver looking to pursue a career as a Developer?
In terms of advice for anyone else interested in a career in development, I would definitely encourage that you do your research beforehand. There are a great deal of college and university courses out there that cover a variety of development skills, so there should always be one to cover your interests. As web technologies and languages are constantly changing, you can never stop learning new things, and it’s always important to keep on top of this.
Most importantly try and get as much experience as you can. Don’t let the fact that the industry at the moment is still very male dominated put you off people are always amazed when I tell them what I do and
say things like 'But you're a girl who can code?!' Yeah, of course I can! If you're really passionate about what you're doing, the fear of stereotypes should not put you off. Getting experience is incredibly important as you can learn a great deal from other developers as we all have knowledge of different areas and can always help each other. Don't be afraid – go for it!

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