As every month of student life passes, planning for a future career becomes more critical. Girl Geeks Campus engages students from Freshers' Week through to graduation and beyond.

Girl Geeks Campus aims to encourage students to develop key skills, attributes and mindset for career success by connecting them with leading employers to help their future career development.

Kick start your career journey

We support talented ambitious female students who excel at maths, science, are passionate about technology, engineering and those who are into designing, building and creating things.

We connect them with colleges, universities and businesses who are looking for them.

Excited to see Accenture team up with Girl Geeks in a great way to tackle the STEM gender gap.
— Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture

Girl Geeks Campus: pathways from education to career


Girl Geeks Campus is a further education based programme on campus to increase female participation within computing, science, engineering, technology and business.

We educate students about the career opportunities available, leading employers looking to employ female talent, introduce inspiring role models, and illustrate career paths.


Girl Geeks Campus has a goal of inspiring, promoting, attracting and retaining female talent across STEM disciplines. Females are underrepresented in STEM industries and roles, from course enrollment to participation in the workforce. When females are encouraged to pursue careers in STEM, more women benefit from industries’ unlimited opportunities.









Provides females with opportunities to develop employability skillsets, connections, role models, inspiration and aid in career development and leadership.

Showcase women within STEM industries by promoting their talents, creating opportunities for them to inspire the next generations of talent and exposure to female role models.

A supportive talent community to connect industry and employer opportunities, like-minds, share ideas and create a support network enabling career development and growth.

Please contact us if you would like to set up a Girl Geeks Campus programme to support your students at your University, College or UTC University Technical College.

We have a number of Universities and Colleges who would like to set up a Girl Geeks Campus for their students across science, technology, computer science, engineering and maths.

We are looking for STEM employers to engage and support our Girl Geeks Campus programme, contact us to find out more.

Girl Geeks Campus Pilot Programme

I’m delighted that Girl Geeks are opening a campus at Newcastle and Northumbria University. Great news that Accenture are sponsoring the scheme. Not enough companies recognise value that diversity within STEM can bring.
— Chi Onwurah, MP, speaking at the launch of Girl Geeks Campus

Pilot Programme

Girl Geeks Campus launched at Newcastle University and Northumbria University ahead of national expansion.

Girl Geek Campus supports female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students, underpinning their studies to help take full advantage of their academic experience. 

It provides students with opportunities to enhance their employability, enabling them to have a greater understanding of STEM careers and establish a pathway to career options.

I’m in my final year at Newcastle University and attended the Campus launch yesterday evening. I just wanted to let you know what an inspirational and fantastic evening I had and what a brilliant organisation I think Girl Geeks is. I am currently a STEM ambassador but I would love to have any sort of involvement with Girl Geeks and would like to say good luck for the future.
Newcastle University is strongly committed to attract women to computer science and other STEM subjects. Computing impacts the quality of our lives more than ever. It’s instrumental in many professional activities as well as our leisure activities, and it impacts health care, local activism, entrepreneurship and so on. To exploit all these opportunities to the fullest, we want to attract women from all ages to study computer science and pursue computing careers.
— Aad van Moorsel, Head of School of Computing Science at Newcastle University.
As of 1st June I will be a software developer associate at Accenture! So excited to actually have a proper job!
— Zoe Potter, Computer Forensics Graduate, Girl Geeks Campus member