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South East England offers a plethora of industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, digital, tech, engineering, environment, technology, electronics and aerospace with fast connections global destinations. A highly advanced and research intensive economy with around 23% of Research and Development (R&D) expenditure spent in this region.  Many cities such as Oxford, Portsmouth, Brighton, Canterbury, Southampton and Winchester offer great career opportunities.

Key Cities


Age-old tradition and innovative technology companies packed together in a city that is best known for its educational institutions. Work of graduates here led to the creation of ‘Silicon Fen’, a cluster of cutting-edge software, electronics, biotechnology businesses and multinationals.


The medieval city of Norwich boasts modern architecture, beautiful parks and gardens. Dominated by the financial services sector with many well-known insurance and finance companies' headquarters in the city.


The ‘city of dreaming spires’, best known for its university with one in five inhabitants are students. Oxford’s business parks host 40+ technical and scientific companies with manufacturing an important sector in the city.


Sandwiched between the sea and the South Downs, Brighton is a hotspot for the creative and digital industries.


A large business centre in the south of England, home to multinationals, technological industries with opportunities in engineering, IT, finance.


Oxford University oldest university in English-speaking world with major research in natural, applied sciences and medicine.

The University of Surrey scientific & technological university.

The University of Sussex research-intensive university.

University of Kent top 20 for research & student experience.

The University of Southampton on the south coast.

The University of Reading one of the UK's research-intensive universities and in the top 1% worldwide.

Royal Holloway, University of London a leading, research-intensive university.

University of Portsmouth offers education in a lively seaside city, one of most affordable in UK for students.

The University of Brighton multi-campus university.

Colleges in south east england

University Technical Colleges in south east england


Best Cities for Jobs by Glassdoor: No.1 Cambridge

Best Cities for Jobs by Glassdoor: No.2 Milton Keynes

Best Cities for Jobs by Glassdoor: No.7 Reading

Best Cities for Jobs by Glassdoor: No.17 Oxford

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